iRFT Tool iCloud Bypass Free Tool Windows

iRFT Tool

iRFT Tool v1.5 is An iPad and iPhone tool for Windows users. It says it is possible to work across several types of locks on Apple devices, including passcodes, MDM restrictions, GSM signal limitations, and even the Hello screen.

iRFT Tool

iRFT Tool iCloud Bypass Free Tool Windows

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iRFT Tool iCloud Bypass Free Tool Windows

1.[MDM] → Bypass MEID & GSM Premium (Checkra1n)
2.[patch] → Patch USB Windows Premium (Checkra1n)
3.[broken] → Bypass Broken Baseband Premium Full (Checkra1n)
4.[passcode] → Bypass Passcode Premium Full (Checkra1n)
5.[BankApps] → Remove Jailbreak Full (Checkra1n)
6.[Account] → Bypass Open Menu Premium Full (Checkra1n, Palera1n and Others Jailbreak
7.[iRAM] → Bypass Passcode Premium Full (RamDisk Mode)
8.[Activation] → Bypass Untethered Full No Signal (Palera1n Jailbreak Mode)
9.[check] → Check IMEISN = FREE [proxy] → Check Proxy Active
iRFT Tool v1.5
  • Bypass GSM Signal iOS 12-14.5.1 
  • Bypass, not Signal iOS 12-14.8 
  • Bypass MDM all models iOS 7-17.4 
  • Bypass Passcode Jailbreak & RamDisk 
  • Bypass Hello screen iOS 15-17.x Processor 
  • Required: Intel series Only work: A7-A11 checkm8

Developer Description

iRFT Pro tool is a small but very helpful tool developed by the team. Our team developed many tools, some stolen and gaining popularity in the market.



How to install it?

1. First, download the file from the link provided.
2. Once downloaded, open the iROMFW.exe file as an administrator.
3. The tool will automatically install on your computer.
4. Connect your device to the computer and use the tool to perform the required functions.
5. Enjoy using the tool!

Yogesh Joshi

Yogesh Joshi

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