Miracle Box Login Edition (FREE)

A useful Windows tool called Miracle Box performs lots of mobile device tasks. It’s packed with features and tools including its capacity to unlock and re-lock bootloaders as well as remove FRP locks from any processor. If there are no longer any updates, Ram Sevak provides a free patch in Miracle Box v3.40 Login Edition. This version allows you to download and use it directly from your computer, saving you the work of buying and activating it.

Miracle Box

Miracle box

Miracle Box Login Edition (FREE)

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Miracle Box


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Miracle Box Login Edition (FREE)

Feature MediaTek [Service]
Read Info Format
FRP Remove Factory Reset
Unlock Bootloader Read
Unlock Read (Meta mode) Screen Lock + FRP Remove
Write Preloader Relock Bootloader
Write Repair FS
Read Pattern Read Preloader
Disable Orange State
Feature MediaTek [Unlock]
Disable Unlocks Enable Unlocks
Screen Unlocks (VIVO) Reset Code
Clear Anti-Theft Fix Unknown Baseband
Fix DL Mode Screen Unlocks (OPP without data)
Unlock Read SIM Code MEIZU Unlock (Phone lock, Account Lock)
Format Metadata Huawei ID Remove
MI Factory Reset (Sideload) Vivo Demo Remove
MEIZU Note2 Unlock (Anti Piracy) Gionee Account Unlock
Samsung KG Unlock Disable MI Account
MI Account Reset
Feature MediaTek [Misc]
Open USB Debug Back BPLGUI
NV Read Read Unlock/WLM Em
Read TelBk Bad Factory
ROOT OppO FP Extract
Coolpad CPB Extract Memory Repartition
Memory Read NV Write
Bad Software Restore ROOT
Unlock Bootloader (ADB) RAM TEST
Memory Write Miracle AV (Uninstall)
Read Anti-Theft Init Modem
Read Phonebook Clear Code (ADB)
Feature MediaTek [Repair]
IMEI (Switched Off) BTAddr Repair
IMEI (Switched On)
Feature MediaTek [Partition Manager]
Read Partition Read Flash
Write Selected Wipe Selected
Feature Custom Setting MTK
Choose TDA, Auth, Preloader Perform any task in the tool
Feature SPD/Unisoc [Service]
Read Info Read Unlock
Read Write IMEI (Diag)
Factory Reset (Diag) FRP Reset
SIM Unlock (Diag) SIM Relock (Diag)
Write Format
Screen Unlocks (Without data) Reset User Code
Restore Boot

| Supported CPUs | Unisoc, SPD |

| Factory File Flashed | .PAC |


Feature SPD/Unisoc [Misc]
Clear Code (ADB) Read NV (Nand)
Write NV (Nand) File Unlock
ROOT (ADB) Write Hardware Info
Read Hardware Info Main Clear
Backup Mobile (ADB) Miracle AV
Restore Backup (AV) Backup Phonebook
Feature Qualcomm [Server]
Read Partitions Factory Reset
Write Selected Read Flash
Read Pattern Safe Mode
Direct Unlock Wipe Selected
Repair FS
Feature Qualcomm [Xiaomi]
MI Account Unlock (new) MI Prevent Relock (ADB)
MI Account Unlock MI Prevent Relock
MI BL Unlock (Bootloader Unlock – EDL), Relock
MI Repair Baseband (EDL) MI Repair WlFl
MI Repair Baseband (OCN) MI IS (3G)
Write Persist.img
Feature Qualcomm [Extra]
OPPO Repair Baseband OPPO Account Unlock
Meizu Account Unlock Vivo Account Unlock
Screen Unlocks (Vivo) Asus FRP Unlock
Read Phonebook (EDL) Huawei Remove Account
Vivo Demo Remove MTP FRP Bypass (Meta)
Feature Qualcomm [Flashing]
New Method Multi Program Mode
Protect IMEI / Calibration Data Reset FRP after Flash
EDL Mode Fastboot Mode
Feature Custom Flasher Qualcomm Flashing
File Write Select Partition
Write Partition Partition Select (e.g., modem)
Fix 9008 Mode
Feature Qualcomm [Unlock]
Read Info Normal Mode
Reboot Reboot (e.g., Bootloader/Fastboot)
Enable Diag Lock Bootloader
Unlock Bootloader Reboot EDL Mode from Fastboot
Forced EDL Mode from Box Read Codes (Network)
New Method (Need Root Access) Direct Unlock (Network) (Root Method)
Read QCN Write QCN
Auto Backup QCN Factory QCN Format
Feature Qualcomm [Repair]
Factory Reset Remove Account Locks
Read EFS Write EFS
Reset EFS Read OEM
Repair Boot Repair Security
Write OEM Reset OEM
MDM Unlock
Feature EMMC (ISP)
Read Info Format Selected
Factory Reset Format User/Cache
Write Selected Repair Restaffing
FRP Remove Read Selected
Feature EMMC (ISP) Extra
Custom Address Read/Write Data Manual Address Format
Read Custom Read Full Data (without Userdata)
Write Full Data Mi Account Bypass
Write Custom Read Full Data
Quick Format
Feature Mstar/W:
Read File Unlock
Format Write
Relmei Read Unlock
Feature Coolsand/RDA:
Read Info Read Unlock
Read NV Read
Relmei Write NV
Write File Unlock
Feature Android [HOME] ADB
Clear Code Wipe Factory Reset
Google Lock Remove Restore Contacts
Enable Diag (Qualcomm) Backup SMS
Restore SMS Read Info
Reset Gmail Reboot Fastboot
Install APK Read Gmail ID
Backup APP Repair WiFi (MTK)
Sideload ZIP Wipe Dalvik-cache
Reboot Recovery Read Pattern Code
Read Nvram Write Nvram
Backup Contacts Restore APP
Enable All Languages Reboot Download
Mi Account Reset
Feature Android [HOME] ADB (extra)
Motorola FRP Reset Oppo Unlocks (APP)
Oppo FRP Reset Generic FRP Reset
Huawei Enable ADB Disable Screen Locks
Read Call Logs Mi Bypass FRP
Reset FRP (ADB) 2 Samsung ORK Repair
Oppo Network Unlock Oppo RSA Secret Key
Mi Remove All Lock Huawei ID/FRP Unlock
Read Contacts Read Deleted Contact
Samsung FRP Reset Oppo Unlocks (2)
Mi Disable Account Read SMS
Power On Account Unlock (Huawei)
Feature Android [HOME] Fastboot
Read Info Wipe Userdata
Wipe Cache Write Data
Unlock Bootloader Lock Bootloader
FRP Reset (Micromax Yuphoria/Series Qualcomm) File-Lock
Repair IMEI Reboot Normal
Vivo Unlocks OnePlus3 FRP Reset
Nexus6 FRP Reset Get-Token
Repair MEID Goto-RIJIJ
Flash ZIP Remove FRP Universal
Erase IMEI Universal Vivo Unlock Bootloader
Vivo Lock BL Lyf Unlock Bootloader
Mi Repair WiFi Enable USB Debug
Mi Account Reset
Feature Android [HOME] Fastboot (extra)
Moto Bootloader Warning Fix Asus FRP Reset
Feature Android [HTC/Broadcom]
Read Info NCK/VNSCK Unlock
Unlock SIM Lock (Desire) Reset FRP
Android Goldcard Sprint Unlock
Feature Android [Allwinner]
Read Info Wipe/Factory Reset
Repair IMEI Clear Code
ROOT (ADB) Read Gmail ID
Read Pattern Code Google Lock Remove
Feature Android Nokia [Android]
Read Info Restore Contacts
ROOT (ADB) Reboot Recovery
Backup Contacts *.nb0 File Extract
Reboot Fastboot Write Flash
Factory Reset
Feature Android Nokia [Lumia]
Firmware Path/Flash Setting Full Nvi Update
Factory Reset Read Info
Reboot After Flash Write Flash
Feature Android [AV]
Settings Show System Packages
Show Disable Make Backup of Packages
Get Package List Remove Selected Packages
Show Third-Party Packages Show Enabled Packages
Reboot After Removal Setting Method
Method 1 (Need Root) Method 2 (No Root)
Feature Android [MTK Flasher]
Write Flash Format (Format Except_8L, Format ALL, Format NV RAM)
Read Partitions Format FRP+Userdata
Feature Android Intel [Asus]
Repair Security Format Factory
Read Info ROOT
Enable USB Debug xFSTK Download
Repartition Install APK
Push Flash
Factory Reset Unroot
Format All Fastboot Mode
FRP Remove
Feature Android Intel [Lenovo]
Repair IT Flash Pack (Miracle)
Push Read Info
Root (Root2) Enable USB Debug
Factory Reset Unroot
Install APK Format All
Fastboot Mode FRP Remove
Feature Android [Xiaomi]
Read Info Check Fastboot
Flash Pack (Flash_all, Flash_all_except_data_storage, flash_all_except_storage) Go Recovery
Format All Go Bootloader
Reset Mi Cloud Format (Mi Account Reset, Write_lmg – Manual Flash)
Mi Account Reset (ADB)
Feature Samsung [Service]
Read Info Sprint Relock
Factory Reset Reset FRP
Reset Phone Lock Sprint Unlock
Network Unlock Repair ORK
Reset Reactivation/EE Locks (Service – old) Read PIT
Analyze PIT File Reset Gmail
Write Flash Write Flash (New)
Reset FRP/Reactivation/EE Locks Reset FRP (Auto Enable ADB)
Feature Samsung [Misc]
Backup EFS Reset FRP (ADB) 1
Reset FRP (ADB) 2 Restore EFS
Repair DRK (A08) Enable Diag Port
Unpack Lz4 Write (Lz4)
Feature Samsung Tools
FRP Reset MDM and Call Me
FRP Bypass MTP Reset FRP
Remove, Bypass
Feature Huawei [Flasher]
Factory Reset Reboot After Flash
Flash Generate Script
Download Mode
Feature Huawei [MTK]
Read Oeminfo Read CA3de (SIM)
Restore Oeminfo Unlock (SIM)
Remove Account Repair IMEI
Feature Huawei [Qualcomm]
Factory Reset Restore Security
Restore Oeminfo Remove Account
Read Security (ADB) FRP Remove
Backup Security Backup Oeminfo
Unlock (ADB) Repair FS
Erase Security Erase Oeminfo
Write Security (ADB)
Feature Huawei (HiSilicon)
Fix + FRP Remove Fix + Factory Reset
Power On Account Unlock (ADB) Restore Oeminfo
Fix Boot FRP Remove (fastboot)
BackUp EMMC (fastboot) Write Flash
Remove Account
Miracle Box V3.40
MTK Improve:
  • Added support for HTC Desire 20 Plus
  • Added support for Motorola G10
  • Added support for OPPO K7_5G
  • Added support for OPPO RENO3
  • Added support for OPPO RENO3 PRO_5G
  • Added support for OPPO RENO4_5G
  • Added support for OPPO RENO5_5G
  • Added support for OPPO RENO5A
  • Added support for REALME X50_5G
  • Added support for REALME X50 CHINA_5G
  • Added support for REALME X50T_5G
  • Added support for REALME X50M_5G
  • Added support for OPPO A36
  • Added support for OPPO A76
  • Added support for OPPO A96
  • Added support for OPPO A95
  • Added support for OPPO F21 Pro
  • Added support for OPPO K10
  • Added support for OPPO RENO 7
  • Added support for Vivo Y20 (No Auth)
  • Added support for Vivo Y20i (No Auth)
  • Added support for Vivo Y20s (No Auth)
  • Added support for Vivo Y30 (No Auth)
  • Added support for Vivo Y21E (No Auth)
  • Added support for Vivo Y50T (No Auth)
  • Added support for REALME 9
  • Added support for REALME 9I
  • Added support for Redmi Note 9 Pro
  • Added support for Redmi Note 9 Pro Max
  • Added support for Redmi Note 9s
  • Added support for Redmi Note 10 Lite

Developer Description

With its most recent updates, Miracle Tool, a mobile technology repair tool, allows you to perform many different types of repairs, including formatting, flashing, unlocking, and FRP. Miracle Tools Designed to give you the best solution, Miracle Team has been there for you for the past 12 years. You can fix CPUs made by Qualcomm, Mediatek, Unisoc/SPD, and Android with Miracle Tool. Supported smartphone brands include Xiaomi, Oppo, VIVO, Realme, Redme, Samsung, and Oneplus.



How to install it?

Download and extract the.rar file to your C: drive first.
Run “MIRACLE DIGITAL.exe” as an administrator after you’ve opened the folder.

Click the “RAM RAM JI” button to open a new window. This will start your computer’s Global Cracking Team Loader.

Next, to access the Miracle login menu, click the “Start Miracle Thunder v3.40” button. Click the “Login” button after entering the password “1234” and username “RAMSEVAK“.

After running or opening Miracle Box v3.40 on your computer, you can link your smartphone to your PC to take advantage of all the Miracle Box tool’s free features.

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