MRST Sam Flash Tool

A small application created specifically for flashing Samsung devices is called the MRST Sam (Samsung) Flash Tool. Like Odin, users may get above some limitations with this tool, which is helpful. Several new features that support advanced flashing have been added to the Sam Flash tool in its most recent update.

MRST Sam Flash Tool

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File Password:


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3 MB


MRST Sam Flash Tool

  • PIT File Choose (Not necessary)
  • BL (bootloader) file package [tar,md5]
  • AP (PDA) file package [tar,md5]
  • CP (Modem) file package [tar,md5]
  • CSC file package [tar,md5]
  • Read PIT – you can as a backup also read the PIT file which helps restore again when flashing is complete.
  • Flash – if you have connected the device and chosen the firmware file click here
  • Optional: Auto Reboot, Repartition, Update Boot, Clear EFS
Sam Flash Tool V1.0

New Released Tool

Developer Description

SamFlash Tool is developed by the MRST team also called MRT which developed a lot of software in the GSM market. The tool is released for Samsung mobile flash using odin binary and make s flashing simple.



How to install it?

1. First, Extract the Sam Flash Tool:

Find the extracted file that you downloaded (it’s usually compressed in ZIP or RAR format).
You can use your favorite archive extraction tool or right-click the archive and choose “Extract Here”

2. Use Admin mode to launch the Sam Flash Tool:

Locate the Sam Flash Tool files by going to the extracted folder.
Locate the “Mrst Sam Flash Tool.exe” file, or a file with a similar name.
Save the file with a right-click and choose “Run as administrator.” This will enable the tool to connect with your device by allowing it the necessary permissions.

3. Switch to Download Mode on your phone:

The exact procedure to enter Download Mode may change based on the model of your phone. Usually, you have to hold down the power, volume, and/or home buttons at the same time as the computer boots up. Search online for directions specific to your phone model (e.g., “[your phone model] enter download mode”).

4. Plug your phone in and start the flashing procedure:

Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer once it is in download mode.
Watch for the Sam Flash Tool to identify your device in the window (it may show up as a text message or color change).

Yogesh Joshi

Yogesh Joshi

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