Unlock Tool Download For Windows

Unlock Tool is a small Windows program specially designed to Remove FRP and
Factory Reset lock, Unlock Pattern Password Pin lock from any kind of Android
phone in a few seconds. It takes a small amount of money to activate and use it
on your computer, If you want a hassle-free cheap solution to unlock any
Android phone then it will be the best tool for you.

You can use the Unlock Tool to Remove the Screen Lock, Pattern/Password/Pin, and
FRP Unlock, from Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, Poco, Redmi, MI, Asus
Zenfone, Vsmart, Lenovo, Nokia, ZTE, Mobistar, FPT, Asanzo, Tecno, Invens, LG,
Samsung, ITEL with Android 5 to Android 11 powered phones quite easily.

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Unlock Tool Download For Windows

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186 MB


Unlock Tool Download For Windows

Function Description
Read Info Retrieve device information
Flash Firmware Update or reinstall device firmware
Auth Bypass Bypass authentication for secure operations
Without Credit Flash Flash without using credits or payment
Extract OFP File Extract OFP (Oppo Firmware Package) files
Factory Reset Reset the device to factory settings
Safe Format Perform a safe format operation on the device
FRP Reset Reset the Factory Reset Protection (FRP)
Disable Mi Account Deactivate the Mi account on Xiaomi devices
Accounts Remove Remove accounts associated with the device
Fastboot To EDL Transition from Fastboot mode to Emergency Download (EDL) mode
Unlock Bootloader Unlock the device’s bootloader for customization
Baseband Repair Repair or restore the device’s baseband
Network Repair Repair or restore network-related issues
IMEI Repair Repair or restore the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)
Backup Firmware Create a backup of the device’s firmware
Unlock Tool 2024.04.18.0

Realme Added Chip New Dimensity 6100+ (MT6835)

The following models were added to be supported :

– Factory Reset | FRP | Readback Dump
– Realme 11 5G (RMX3780)
– Realme 11X 5G (RMX3785)
– Realme 12x (China) (RMX3997, RMX3993)
– Realme 12 5G (RMX3999)
– Realme V50 5G (RMX3781, RMX3783)
– Realme Narzo 60X(RMX3782)

Developer Description

A new update for UnlockTool is here! Version 2024.04.18.0 adds support for several Realme phones powered by the new Dimensity 6100+ chip. Specifically, you can now use UnlockTool to perform Factory Reset, FRP bypass, and Readback Dump on the Realme 11 5G, 11X 5G, 12x (China), 12 5G, V50 5G, and Narzo 60X.



How to install it?

How to download, install, and activate Unlock Tool.Net:

  1. Download:

    • Visit the official UnlockTool.Net website or click on the above link.
    • Download the latest setup version (v2024.04.18.0).
  2. Install:

    • Run the downloaded setup file.
    • Grant administrator access when prompted (right-click, “Run as administrator“).
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  3. Activate:

    • Launch UnlockTool.Net.
    • Click “Register” or “Login” (depending on your existing account status).
  4. Create an Account (if registering):

    • You’ll be redirected to the UnlockTool.Net website.
    • Fill out the registration form to create a new account.
  5. Purchase Activation Credit:

    • To use the full features of UnlockTool.Net, you’ll need to purchase activation credit.
    • Purchase options are likely available on the website after logging in with your new account.
  6. Login to UnlockTool.Net (if registered):

    • Back in the UnlockTool.Net application, enter your registered email address and password.
  7. Access Features:

    • Click “Login” to log in and access the functionalities of UnlockTool.Net.
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