Realme Network Unlock Files (All Models)

About the network solution unlock for a Realme device, I have written a post. If the correct answer to this problem can sometimes be found online, it is not easy to find. I am giving a full manual and all the required Realme network unlock files to help you in solving this device issue. You can follow the entire process with the help of these easy steps.

Realme Network Unlock Files (All Models)

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Self Created


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File Size:

60 MB


Realme Network Unlock Files (All Models)

What error or problem can you see on your mobile device?

For example: Your phone is customized for your region. There are limitations on its communication features in your current area. For support, please get in touch with Realme customer service.

What is the function of the Realme network unlock file?

The Realme network unlock file consists of a few different network patches that use the RPMB partition. This file repartitions the mobile device and brings back network service on your SPD, MediaTek, and Qualcomm Realme device. It also includes a custom or global RPMB file img.

How do I use the unlock file for the Realme network?

Nearly all models that come with MTK, SPD, and Qualcomm support the Realme unlock file, and a recent security patch also supports those files.

Realme Network Unlock Files

A New Security patch supported

all new models added

Using any tool to write files

Developer Description

The files are created and read by myself and given to all users via my website.



How to install it?

  • UnlockTool (any tool supported only needs RPMB Write Capability)
  • Drivers
  • Network Unlock Files (Link Below)
  1. First, open the unlock tool and log in with your information (Note: it’s a paid tool) also you can choose any tool with supported RPMB Write.
  2. Next, install all drivers if the device is SPD then install SPD Drivers.
  3. Next, go to Spreadtrum click on “Write RPMB” and choose “Default” the file with the link below. (Note: for MTK and Qualcomm users go to their desired location with follow Unlock Tool.)
  4. Now if you can follow these steps you will unlock your Realme mobile network within seconds.
  5. Enjoy the solution and share the article with your friends or social sites if possible.
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